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Before Aspirin and Other Things

Stories passed down from Pastor Eddie's father Reverend Joseph E. Fulford.  Short old-time stories with devotions. 

The Nose and the Coffin      The giggles        I Hated Red Hair         Telephones        The Turkey Secret        Yankee Rubbish   


The School Lunch        Little Chickens       Peter Blue        Mamma Had Toe Power       The Tonsil Funeral     


Can You Spell Czechoslovakia?        The Delivery Truck       Before Aspirin and Other Things          

2023 Sermons

Who Am I?



“Greatest Commandment”

With Revered Bob Wood

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory

 With Rev. Kris Schonewolf

“What were you thinking?”

 With Sherri Woodstuff

One Body

“New Body”

“Repent or Perish”

"Easter Sunrise Sermon"

“A vision”

" Your Heavenly Farther"

With Steve Willis


With Lori Graves

“God Put It Here”


 “Not Be Ashamed”

 With Sherri Woodstuff


 With Justin Wheeler



Peter’s Confession

Inherit Eternal Life

“Pride” “All Saints Day”

“Prepare Ye the Way”

“Here He Comes!”



“Annunciation of the Lord”

We are chosen!

 With Dale Burns

 “Come out of her”

 With Sherri Woodstuff

" Out of the blue"

"Listen by Spirit"

 With Justin Wheeler

“Brought Out to Bring In”

  With Irene Brugn


  With Dot Chadwick

  “All Scripture”

With Lori Graves

  “The End”

   "Be Patient"

God's Protection

Jesus Predicts Death

I want......

“ The Future”



“The Resurrection”

  "He Was Hungry"

With Mike Neidhart

“He welcomes sinners”

 With Justin Wheeler

“Turning toward Dorcas”



Do You Respect Jesus?

  “The Power of a Sentence”

 Pastor Eddie & Justin


  "Preach The Word"

With Steve Willis

  “The Cross”

 With Dale Burns

"We Receive Grace"

 With Justin Wheeler


Whoever is not against us

What do you want

“Is He Your King”

“Mary’s Praise”

“Spiritual Gifts”


  "The Gathering"

 With Sherri Woodstuff

    “Triumphal Entry”    

“You did what?”

 With Patti Pott

 "Whispering Distance"

 "Past Is Gone"

“Fruit Production”


 Pastor Eddie & Justin

“Fan into Flame”

 Pastor Eddie & Justin

    “The Saint”

 Pastor Eddie & Justin


    With Justin / Mike

Help Is On The Way,  3 13 22

Help Is On The Way, 3 13 22

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